Danang city scenic tour by Vietnam Helicopter Travel

Da Nang has long been an excellent gateway that is famous for its long golden beaches. The young city is preferred by many guests for its dynamic nightlife, colorful streets, and idyllic Han River. The horizon of Da Nang is full of the clearly blue and romantic features that are ideal for the Scenic Helicopter Tour.

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    Get a Feel for Da Nang helicopter tour

    As the key port city on the South Central Coast of Vietnam, Da Nang grows to be the new tourism hub nowadays. Just about 759km south of Hanoi, the young commercial city is highly accessible from all other corners of the country. It is the great shelter for every guest to stay immersed in the newly developed buildings, bridges, and houses. Besides, the nature here is absolute.

    Da Nang is a fantastic stop before the tourists go see the nearby UNESCO Cultural and Historical World Heritages: Hue Imperial City, Ancient Town of Hoi An, and My Son Ruin. The city of Da Nang itself has the much great potential to attract the visitors in the world. The Vietnamese Government recognizes Da Nang the first-class city with the remarkable urbanization ratio; it was the 5th most populated city according to the Vietnamese 2009 census. The tourism industry in Da Nang is growing dramatically with the huge number of the 4 and 5-star hotels and resorts, for instance, Furama, Nam Hai, Victoria, Vinpearl, etc.

    Da Nang Has Many Best Attractions for Best Helicopter Tour

    On the Helicopter Airbus EC130-T2 including 5 seats, Da Nang becomes totally eye-catching from the top dimension. Such the excellent Helicopter Tour begins from Da Nang and takes you to each of its attractions in the detailed manner. While flying above the young constructions of Dragon Bridge and tall buildings, the passengers can ease their eyes wholesomely. In the design of the dragon in the Ly Dynasty, the Dragon Bridge across the Han River looks magnificent from the top side.


    The 12-minute Helicopter Tour to Da Nang City will not stop at that; you can further visit Da Nang Beach, the white-sandy beach that is surely spectacular from the bird-eye view. It is one of the world’s six most beautiful beaches ranked by Forbes.

    What’s more, Marble Mountain (or the five-element mountain) promises to please your eyes with the five limestone hills, caves, tunnels, and stone formations. Many caves, grottoes, and Buddhist temples here are fantastic. Furthermore, when you fly above Da Nang, do not miss the big attraction of Son Tra Peninsula that gives the extra boost for everybody to choose Da Nang Scenic Helicopter Tour from the first thought. Son Tra mountain is highly visible from every spot of the city.

    When it arrives at Linh Ung Pagoda that is set Buddha’s Sanctuary on Son Tra Peninsula, the passengers on the Airbus EC130-T2 will soon fall in love with magnificently architectural and artistic pagoda beneath. The weather here is cool while the scene is fantastic. Your eyes are kept open towards the Linh Ung Pagoda and the whole heavenly peninsula.

    Just view Da Nang City and its attractions available from the helicopter’s panoramic doors, you will admit the fact the beauty of Da Nang is far beyond your expectation.



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Danang city scenic tour by Vietnam Helicopter Travel

Danang city scenic tour by Vietnam Helicopter Travel

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